Now is the time for
Choosing & Creating systemic positive
global Change

Evolve or self-destruct what will humanity and each human choose? 

Now is the time for
Choosing & Creating systemic positive
global Change

Evolve or self-destruct what will humanity and each human choose? 

How to be the change we wish to see

Get Informed

Get well educated and well informed on the various interconnected facets and sectors of the growing world crisis, emergency and emergence of human potential. 

Get Inspired

Learn to take good care of your self and to process all of the information in a way that keeps you empowered and inspired instead of staying in the shock and overwhelm. 

Get Involved

Take action internally and externally and get more involved in helping create real change. Find practical ways that you can participate and know that you are making a positive difference in the world. Be daring! Act. Act great! 

Exponentially Increasing Global Crisis

Bigger The Challenge, The Bigger The Opportunity

This site will have more resources and information added to in the weeks to come.

We are living in a time of exponentially increasing global complexity. It is easier than ever to be in information overload, change shock and overwhelm. In the face of magnitude of the growing global crisis in can be easy to feel powerless and a victim and then to look the other way or to "put our head in the sand" so as to avoid the pain and difficulty of facing the situation. 

Growing population increase taxing global resources, increasing toxification of the environment, air, and oceans, quickly receding glaciers and polar ice caps, mass media ignoring or playing down over 20,000 scientists warning to humanity, deepening corruption in global deep state politics, continuing monopolizing and consolidation of power and control in corporations and banks, Increasing bombardment of electromagnetic pollution and ever increasing "screen time", increasing "turbo capitalism and consumerism under so called "eco capitalism" or "spiritual business" i.e. trying to use more consumerism and capitalism and materialism to resolve the destructive issues that capitalism and consumerism create.

Scientist Warning to Humanity:

All of this is occurring real time. We are all contributing to it. It is serious and complex situation the time for both change and choice is NOW. Time is always a factor in this world. If humans individually and collectively do not make new choices and fundamentally change this on the scale and levels required to effect real and true significant global change, we may fall backward as a species in our evolutionary process. We would then experience a significantly more painful path of personal and collective evolution in the times to come. This is not ideal nor optimal nor necessary. We can change we can choice differently. There is still time.

Logan is fully committed to facilitating the potential of a far greater degree of conscious, intentional, intelligent, organized, concerted, synchronized collaboration of all peoples of all countries, of all ages and walks of life to work together in the spirit of goodwill and fundamental recognition and celebration of our shared humanity in order to triumph as a species rather than falter and regress during these most powerful times.

He is currently working on creating a global service project the likes of which the world has never seen. Based in a purely altruistic, philanthropic and humanistic intention of equally serving the highest and best good of everyone in the world. It is not possible to truly heal the world if any type of capitalistic or monetary motive be a foundational, central or underlying motivation.

Logan has created this website to be an initial resource hub and interface for the deepening of this essential global conversation and transformation. This is your opportunity to get more involved and to positively contribute your service and action to help yourself, your loved ones and humanity evolve instead of self-destruct.

Thank you for your commitment to consciousness, for your bravery and courage to overcome your fear and for your service to humanity. 

May every human and all of humanity choose wisely and may the future of our species and planet be bright and auspicious. 


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